Parenting Boys Vs. Girls: How Different Is It?

Being a first-time parent is exciting, scary, and a life-altering experience. The changes you have in your life are opportunities and adventures, but it is essential to prepare yourself for the challenges that will come. First, you have to learn to adjust to your new life. This can be a challenge without the support of your partner, family, or friends. You may struggle with your emotions but know that all new moms experience similar emotions.

Parenting newborn baby boys or girls is a lot of fun. New love, new feelings, new everything. Just when you think you have mastered the art of parenting, and there’s nothing new to learn or experience, comes the next stage: parenting toddlers. And then teens! Motherhood is a lifelong journey of constant learning. Things change yearly; while some things may stay the same, most parents learn new tactics along the way.

While parenting boys and girls have about as much difference as parenting grey wolves and poodles, the reality is that parenting boys are different from parenting girls. Meeting the expectations of raising a boy vs. a girl can make for some fairly unique challenges. It’s no surprise that many parents find parenting boys to be more difficult than parenting girls. What is the difference?

Boys Are Rough and Tumble

Boys need to rough-and-tumble with other kids, and girls need a gentle hand. Said another way, boys are rough and tumble, and girls are gentle nurturers. While these differences may seem obvious, they do have some biological roots.

Over the years, many studies have revealed the differences between boys and girls. Boys, on average, are more aggressive than girls at a relatively young age and are more likely to engage in risky behaviours when older, such as speeding and drinking. Whilst both boys and girls may start potty training around 18 months, boys tend to be reliably trained at a later stage. Boys also prefer to be outdoors and engage in physical play, while girls enjoy role-playing with dolls and dressing up.

Girls are more sensitive

Every parent has a saying to the effect of “My daughter is more sensitive than my son,” and it is usually meant to explain a little girl’s more emotional nature. But, the saying “My daughter is more sensitive” oversimplifies it. And, it turns out science might back up that understanding, revealing that girls are more sensitive to the chemicals in our environment than boys are.

When it comes to being a girl, is it better to be more sensitive or strong? When it comes to being a man, is it better to be more sensitive or strong? When it comes to parenting, does being more sensitive or strong work better than being the opposite? Or is there some balance? It is up to each parent to decide what works best for their family.

Boys Are More Active

Boys are more active than girls. That’s been true for decades, although gender stereotypes had us thinking otherwise, according to psychologists. The stereotype that boys would be more apt to sit at the table and sip hot chocolate was largely based on the misconception that girls liked to play outside, but, as studies suggest, boys are much more active than girls.

Raising boys means teaching them the value of hard work and discipline, showing them that they are created equal to girls, and giving them the tools that will give them more independence as they grow into successful adults. Yet, while attention to girls’ education is at an all-time high, the same isn’t true for gender equity in early childhood education.

Girls Are Quieter

Parents, you may have been noticing your girls talking less lately. It might seem like girls are quieter than they used to be. Why? Well, simply because they are growing up. Boys tend to be more outgoing than girls. But even though girls are quieter when they are young, they speak just as often over time, if not more so.

Being a parent is an enormous responsibility. You will hear a lot about raising boys, but the same can’t be said about raising girls. Being a mom or dad of a spunky, dynamic preschooler or school-aged girl can seem like quite the challenge. But take it from someone who raised two daughters—it can be tough, but it’s also a lot of fun!

Many experts believe that the most effective parenting technique must be raised wherein environments are equally nurturing. Boys, as well as girls, require the very same values to be instilled in them: empathy, compassion, respect, confidence, and independence. Physical aggression should be discouraged equally for both genders, and moms and dads must teach their children alternative problem-solving techniques.